AllergX® Directions For Use

Adults and children 12 years of age and over: Dissolve one lozenge completely in mouth or under tongue and swallow twice a day (AM and PM).  Start AllergX® before the beginning of your allergy season and continue twice a day throughout the entire season, or use year-round for indoor allergies.

It can take several minutes for AllergX® to dissolve, but the assure you absorb the maximum amount of the active ingredients necessary to reduce over-production of IgE.

You may take AllergX® with or without food.  AllergX® is a patented, fast-dissolve, cherry-flavored tablet.

AllergX® Allergy Defense Formula is a natural cobalamin-complex supplement which has been extensively tested for safety, and clinical studies on cobalamins showed no negative side-effects.  You may take AllergX® with any other medications you may be taking.


Many individuals begin to see results in as little as the first week or two.  Some individuals may have much higher levels of IgE over-production, and it may take longer than two weeks for AllergX® to achieve maximum results and help restore a healthy IgE balance.

Since you never know when the pollen count will be high in your area, or when you may become exposed to specific allergens you may be sensitive to, it’s best to take AllergX® every day as directed, starting several weeks prior to the beginning of allergy season in your area, or in the case of year-round allergies, take AllergX® daily year round.


AllergX® is a cherry-flavored lozenge you let dissolve in your mouth or under your tongue and then swallow – one lozenge twice a day.  It’s important to note that when you swallow various tablets, such as vitamins, they have to pass through your digestive tract where acids and other enzymes can destroy the active ingredients.

By allowing AllergX® to dissolve almost completely in the mouth before swallowing it, you absorb almost all the active ingredients.  While it varies from person to person, it can take several minutes for the AllergX® tablets to dissolve in the mouth, but this is intentional, to make sure you absorb as much of the active ingredients as possible.

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